Engineering and Design

On-site product treatment offers multiple advantages over conventional approaches, including lower risk compared with transporting materials off site and elimination of environmental impact from disposal.


Radian Chemicals helps you maximize those benefits with custom-engineered, custom-designed contaminant removal systems. These systems are designed to minimize any changes to existing infrastructure. You will reduce material and process costs and mitigate risk while becoming increasingly green.

Spent caustic processing plants

eliminate toxic compounds, allowing caustic streams to become palatable for wastewater consumption.

Solvent reclamation plants

 increase solvent purity for reuse or salable products.

Water treatment plants

reduce or eliminate contaminants from process water for reuse and/or minimize waste to make process water palatable for wastewater consumption.

Equipped with proprietary technology, Radian Chemicals’ plants are designed with engineering controls, process automation and telemetry.  A reduced footprint minimizes capital investment; skid-mounting enables a shortened timetable from design to installation and start-up, typically just 12 to 16 weeks.  Radian Chemicals will provide a long-term operations and maintenance contract and train your staff on day-to-day operations.