Industrial Solvent Management

Beneficial reuse of chemical product streams is an effective way to minimize waste and comply with environmental requirements. But it takes original thinking, expertise, and an eye for saving money to generate the most value.


Backed by years of innovative solvent management experience, our engineers provide low-cost recovery and reuse solutions that keep spent materials from going to waste – while reducing your operating costs.

Our comprehensive, risk-averse process includes:

Performing simulations to help you make the most economic and environmentally sound decision.

Matching your stream to a beneficial reuse application, either as a feedstock or refined product, for customers in the pulp and paper, mining, tanning, or alumina processing industry.

Managing logistics and transportation — direct from your facility to the consumer — and providing you with detailed reports at every step.

Since 2008, Radian Chemicals has supported clients meet their waste minimization and sustainability goals, keeping more than a million tons of off-spec products from being disposed.


Our innovative business model significantly reduces operating costs, making Radian Chemicals the low-cost provider.